NOW Volcanoes Erupting in Indonesia – Son of Krakatoa spewing fast flowing lava – photos and videos


indonesia-volcano-eruption-son-of-krakatoa-mount-soputan-tsunami-earthquake-1026199SHOCKING footage shows lava spilling down the sides of a volcano in Java, Indonesia, just minutes after another eruption took place at Mount Soputan and days after a deadly earthquake and tsunami. The Son of Krakatoa is the second volcano to erupt in Indonesia today. A video shows lava being spewed into the air and running down the sides of Son of Krakatoa’s slopes, while a sinister black ash plume forms above the huge volcano, against the backdrop of a dark grey sky. Another eruption also took place in Indonesia just minutes before with a separate volcano, named Mount Soputan, throwing ash as high as 5,809 metres above sea level.  Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management, tweeted after the eruption, assuring people it was not a cause for concern……Read More

INDONESIA is under threat of a volcanic eruption, just days after a killer 7.5 magnitude earthquake gripped Sulawesi. Possible incoming ash rain has forced authorities to warn the public to start wearing masks to protect themselves. Volcanic activity from Mount Soputan on the island of Sulawesi has resulted in a column of ash flying 6000 metres into the air, threatening tsunami evacuation efforts and imminent health risks. Palu, Sulawesi’s largest city, is still devastated by Friday’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake which forced a gigantic 20-foot wave into the coast. With structures levelled by the wall of water and tremors easily dismantling vulnerable homes, thousands have been killed……Read More


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