Hurricane tracker LIVE map: Satellite images show two MAJOR hurricanes raging RIGHT NOW

Hurricane-tracker-LIVE-map-Satellite-images-1026452.jpgTHE 2018 hurricane season is well underway and has seen over 20 hurricanes raging in the ocean so far. Here is the latest update of storms in the ocean right now. Typhoon Kong-rey winds at an ‘extreme intensity’ says forecast For the first time in more than a decade, two Category 5 hurricanes were raging at the same time. The last time earth fuelled two tropical beasts at this level and at the same time was in 2005. The two major hurricanes are located on opposite sides of the Pacific, Hurricane Walaka in the northeast and Super Typhoon Kong Rey to the west. On Tuesday both of the weather systems had maximum sustained winds of 157mph or more…..Read More

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