Facebook hackers got access to your Tinder, Spotify, Instagram, Messenger and Airbnb too

NINTCHDBPICT0002125527091.jpgFACEBOOK’S latest hack attack doesn’t just affect the social network – but loads of other sites too. If you use Facebook to log into other services – like Instagram or Tinder – then Facebook hack attackers may have stolen all of your profile info, photos, private messages and more. On Friday evening, Facebook revealed that hackers were given access to 50million accounts. This let them use your Facebook account “as if they were the account holder” – a shocking security gaffe. But because of the way the hack worked, it also gave attackers the same level of access to any accounts you use Facebook to log in with. So if you tied your Facebook to Messenger, Instagram, Spotify, Tinder and Airbnb, hackers will have been able to slip into those accounts too…….Read More

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