Do You Know About The ‘Cave Of The Apocalypse’ Where It Is Believed The Last Book Of The Bible Was Written?

apocalypse-1Set on the Patmos island in Greece is the sacred Greek gem, Cave of the Apocalypse, which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. This biblical cave in Patmos is no stranger to tourism, especially the followers of Christianity, because this is the place where St. John (John the Apostle of the Bible) is believed to have lived. St. John, for those who do not know, was one of the 12 apostles or disciples of Jesus and it is assumed that he was the a beloved disciple of the Lord. The site inside the cave is a major foundation of Christianity in the world and the rock here is divided into three cracks that symbolize the ‘Holy Trinity’. It is also said that God ‘Himself’ dictated the text for ‘The Book of Revelation’ (the final book of the New Testament also the final book of Bible) to John here. Hence, the site holds a great religious significance amongst Christians and is also among the prime pilgrimages centers for them… (READ MORE)

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