DefCon WARNING: Defence experts fear North Korea STILL building nuclear weapons

th-1NORTH Korea could be making behind-the-scenes moves which threaten to undermine any progress the hermit nation has made since opening up dialogue with South Korea and the US earlier this year, defence analysts have warned. Specialists from the DefCon Warning System, a private organisation made up of experts monitoring nuclear threats against the US, said they believed Kim Jong-un was still funding weapons research and had seen no evidence to make them change their minds. They acknowledged the positive reports coming out of Pyongyang in relation to its nuclear programme and military stance but said “troublesome undercurrents” belied the country’s public presence. Confirming there were no imminent nuclear threats against the US and leaving the alert at DefCon 5, the group said North Korea appeared willing to accept stronger measures to curb its nuclear programme as well as wanting the US to formally end the Korean War…….Read More