Thousands estimated to be dead! ” Indonesia quake horror another 2,000 dead from landslides with 1,200 dead from quake and tsunami

2018_09_30_55090_1538285698._large.jpgThe death toll from the 7.4-magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia has now risen to 1,200 with still many missing, a further 2,000 are thought to be dead from landslides. With no power and many of the villages isolated the death toll is expected to rise substantially.  A number of areas in Central Sulawesi have been hit by large amounts of mudflow following a 7.4-magnitude earthquake that jolted the province on Friday that also triggered a tsunami. Petobo subdistrict in South Palu district, Palu, which is located 10-kilometres from the sea, has been struck by such mudflow. It is feared that about 2,000 people in the subdistrict are dead, with homes having been dragged away by the mud……Read More

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