The Emergent Church’s War on the Word

42822163_1124626557695492_8826420001033420800_nIt was, of course, inevitable that the Emergent Church would begin to have babies that were even more unbiblical than itself. Andy Stanley is one of those spiritual offspring of a departure from biblical faith and adoption by experiential religious deception. In 2016, he told a group of pastors at the Southern Baptist Convention that they needed to get the spotlight off the Bible (August 2016 “Onward” conference). Now his spiritual “children” are following suit. Sometimes, I just get a gut feeling about something before I know exactly what is wrong with it. Such has been my experience on a new newsfeed called, “Hello Christian” which sounds so spiritual but is basically clickbait with increasingly poisonous spiritual bait articles. I’ve commented on some, ignored others. But this recently, I received one of their e-mails with an article I just couldn’t let pass…….Read More

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