NASA asteroid WARNING: 850 FOOT asteroid barreling towards Earth THIS WEEK

Nasa-asteroid-warning-asteroid-EB-Earth-Close-Approach-1025363A POTENTIALLY Hazardous asteroid measuring more than 850 ft (260 m) in size will make an Earth Close Approach this weekend, NASA warned. The monstrous space rock, dubbed Asteroid 2018 EB, is expected to zip past the planet in the wee morning hours of Sunday, October 7. According to ’s calculations, the asteroid will reach its closest distance to Earth at about 2.24am UK time (1.24am UT). At its closest, NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) believes the space rock will reach 0.03956 astronomical units (au) or 15.4 Lunar Distances (LD) from Earth……Read More

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