Japan faces SECOND typhoon in 48 HOURS – MILLIONS evacuated. Typhoon Kong Rey

Typhoon-Kong-rey-New-Tropical-storm-to-batter-Japan-1025177.jpgTYPHOON TRAMI has just finished raking devastating winds and heavy rain over Japan – which is now preparing for another imminent tropical threat. Typhoon Kong-rey is threatening with explosive category 3 strength winds in the Pacific Ocean. Typhoon Kong-rey is the next storm to take shape in the Pacific Ocean, where Japan is just recovering from Typhoon Trami. Having already torn through Okinawa, typhoon Trami has left two people dead and injured up to 120 more. The storms arrive at the height of Pacific hurricane/typhoon season, when high-powered weather systems are frequently inbound for territories in the Pacific Ocean…..Read More