California earthquake alert: US prepares for Big One with $29 million alarm system

california-earthquake-shakealert-1025445.jpgAS FEARS for a major earthquake on the West Coast of America grow, California has enlisted the help of a £29million ($38million) state-of-the-art earthquake alert system that officials believe will buy residents an extra two seconds when a tremor is about to hit. Since 1994, a flurry of earthquakes have cost the Golden State an eye-watering £15billion ($20billion) in property damage, killed 57 people and injured more than 9,000. Environment officials have warned of the 99.7 percent chance of a 6.7 magnitude earthquake wreaking havoc on the US state, which today was hit by a 3.6 quake. But despite the state’s tectonic setting making preventing a quake impossible, officials appear to have found the next-best solution, though it has come at a cost…..Read More

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