Astonishing moment a building ‘floats’ past after tremors LIQUEFY the ground, swallowing 1,700 homes in Indonesia as mass grave is dug for more than a THOUSAND victims

4676182-6226255-image-a-7_1538413879239.jpgWARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  –  This is the astonishing moment a building ‘floated’ along a river of mud after the devastating Indonesian earthquake liquefied the ground. Hundreds are feared trapped in mud and 1,700 homes were ‘swallowed up’ on the island of Sulawesi after tremors turned water-filled soil in to mush in a phenomenon known as liquefaction. Terrifying footage, filmed from the metal roof of a house, shows large buildings and electricity pylons moving past after being ripped from their foundations. The clip emerged as the death toll from the disaster climbed to more than 1,200 and officials prepared a mass grave with space for hundreds of victims of Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. Workers were seen hauling body bags into the 330ft-long tomb in Palu……..Read More

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