Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: 3 MILLION urged to evacuate in JAPAN – Tokyo on alert

Typhoon-Trami-tracker-LIVE-updates-1024777THOUSANDS of people have been evacuated in western Japan as powerful Typhoon Trami closes in on the mainland with 100mph winds – here are the latest live updates and information about its path. Japan Meterological Agency called Typhoon Trami a “very strong” storm. Evacuation advisories are in place for more than 3.7 million people in 19 prefectures, according to state broadcaster NHK. Western areas of Japan’s main island of Honshu lie in the direct path of the storm which is now lashing its southwestern tip. Tokyo is not in the path of the category 2 storm but could be hit by 90mph winds. Hundreds of flights and train……Read More