The Case For Reviving The Days Of Noah And Radically Enhancing Humanity Into Modern Nephilim

92bd03e166c10a161c91f314b70035c7Some philosophers argue that cognitive enhancements could have “a wide range of risk-reducing potential,” as Bostrom puts it, leading him to argue that “a strong prima facie case therefore exists for pursuing these technologies as vigorously as possible.” At first glance, this seems right: Surely being smarter would make us less likely to do something dumb like destroy ourselves? But let’s take a closer look at how this tactic might influence the probability of existential disaster. For cognitive enhancements to mitigate the risk of agential terror—or the risk that humanity will get snuffed out by members motivated by a malicious intent to harm others—such enhancements would have to interfere with some aspect of the agent’s motivations or intentions. There are reasons for thinking that they could do precisely this… (READ MORE)