trump-netanyahu-middle-east-peace-two-state-solution-933x445.jpgThere are many things that Bible prophecy tells us about Israel in the last days in general, and about the importance of the physical land of Israel in particular. One of the most interesting things we are are found in the book of the prophet Joel, who tells us plainly why God gathers the nations for battle during the time of Jacob’s trouble. It’s because someone has divided the land, God’s land, and God is not in favor of it. So right off the bat we see that God is in favor of a ‘one-state solution’, and His answer to the ‘two-state solution’ is the Battle of Armageddon. Prophecy clear tells us that while not in favor of it, God allows Israel to be divided and eventually taken over by Antichrist, but will return personally to set things right at the Second Coming……Read More