EU on brink: Trump trade war to wipe £255BILLION off GDP ‘Warning lights are flashing’

1022530.jpgTHE world is on the brink of a financial meltdown if Donald Trump’s import tariffs descend into a full-blown trade war – with the European Union wiping £255billion from its GDP, the World Trade Organisation has warned. In an apocalyptic notice, WTO director general Roberto Azevedo said “warning lights are flashing” and the world must axt immediately. The European Union faces seeing 1.7 percent wiped from its GDP growth, he said. That equals £255bn ($335bn) of the EU’s £15trillion ($19.7trn) GDP. The colossal figure roughly equates to the entire economic output of EU countries the size of Austria, Ireland, and Denmark and far exceeds the GDP of Portugal, Hungary, and Romania……Read More