United Nations – U.N. Agenda 21 Depopulation of 95% of World by Year 2030 is Now Underway, Signed and Approved by 200 World Leaders

0A50264C-A9BA-4D32-B7F3-3FA860940653.jpegEvidence is happening everywhere that there is a definate austerity,de-industrialisation, DEPOPULATION AGENDA that I have compiled on my website where an Orwellian police state dictatorship One World Government is being installed year by year and world population is being reduced from 7 billion to 500 million people to destroy the Old World Order USING ANY MEANS NECESSARY to make way for the NWO New World Order which will be a scientificaly high tech advanced world with free energy devices, anti-gravity, teleportation,faster than speed of light space travel…..More

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