Why Your Kids Can Spend 600-Plus Hours in Church and Not Get Much Out of It .


96A9A885-B688-435A-9273-2B64D55E13AFWhere did those 600+ hours of Christian education go? How can it be that so many kids spend this kind of time in church and don’t leave home with much more understanding of Christianity than could be taught in a week of church camp? The other day I was reflecting on how much time I spent in Sunday school and youth groups growing up…and how little I understood about the Christian faith by the time I left home. For some reason, I decided to calculate roughly how much time that actually was. I scratched out the following on a piece of paper: Kindergarten through 12th grade = 13 years (I went to church from the time I was a baby, but I just wanted to include the core learning years in my calculation)…..More

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