Artificial Intelligence

Playing God With Artificial Intelligence? —Billy Crone


Published on Apr 8, 2018. Artificial Intelligence, once recognized only in Science Fiction Movies is now real, it’s here and continues to progressively creep into every area of our lives. While most of us aren’t paying much attention to its advancement, many technologists are convinced that artificial intelligence is on an inevitable path toward self governance. In other words, theres a possibility that machines can take over, while we submit to them! Business, Educational and Medical systems, are lost and “up in arms” when their computers go down, they can’t function…the same with us ,but thats just a small picture of how much we do depend on technology these days and If you haven’t heard….Artificial Intelligence is on the rise,… Drones, advanced robots, driverless cars and top-secret military machines now do our job and talk to each other. Not to mention strange laboratory advancements that threaten our human race. There is a dark side to Artificial Intelligent that fulfills prophecy and prepares the way for the Anti-Christ and the mark of the beast. Guest Billy Crone, is an export on the subject and is here to talk about it.