Assad may have ‘FLED to RUSSIAN military bunker’ as potential Nato military strike LOOMS

3947F268-2F60-4DB8-B98D-9A1254F5E641.jpegSyria news: The Khmeimim is an airbase currently operated by Russia The Khmeimim is an airbase currently operated by Russia in the south-east of the city of Latakia in Hmeimim. According to footage obtained by The Baghdad Post, Assad is held up in the air base in a room with no windows, drapes or Syrian officials. The Syrian dictator was spotted departing the presidential palace in Damascus accompanied by Russian military units, according to sources. The Baghdad Post said: “Hezbollah terrorists have also evacuated their positions nearby Tiyas Military Airbase in Homs, Syria, anticipating an imminent US attack.”…. More