War Drums: After Syria Chlorine Attack, Trump Calls Assad “Animal” – Says “Heavy Price to Pay”

BB1F09C3-33A5-4996-8BC3-7BF8B9E95A18.jpegRussian Military Assets being moved from Joint Bases; Air-Defenses Put on High Alert – UPDATE: Russia Deploying 77,000 Troops to Ukraine Border. Thirteen and a half hours ago, at 9:07 PM eastern time on Saturday night, I warned my Subscribers that a Chlorine Gas attack had allegedly taken place in Syria, injuring over 1,000 and killing 161. I outlined why this appeared to be a FALSE FLAG attack designed to put blame on Syria President Bashar Assad, and justify a massive U.S. military attack directly against Syria…….More

Donald Trump warned he is ‘one step away from military clashes with Russia’ after Syria blitz

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