0C2578F0-11F1-4FBB-96E3-A94CB811D41F.jpegFueled by unpredicted, massive, and rapidly growing Asian trade, Israel’s foreign relations are steadily gravitating from West to East. David Ben-Gurion foresaw the future in 1959, when he told the Knesset plenary that the Soviet-American domination of the world was “transient” because China and India would replace the geopolitical duo. Noting that ancient Israel’s foreign relations were first confined to the Fertile Crescent and then extended only as far as Persia and Rome, Ben-Gurion realized that the modern world was built entirely differently; that Asia’s place within it would be dominant; and that this prominence would materialize sooner rather than later. “Two decades,” he predicted in 1966, while fielding questions from youths in Tel Aviv…….More