Earthquake quake #13 hits Papua New Ginea as a canyon-shaped hole stretching nearly 1 million km faces Earth on our Sun

06EE58C0-E58B-44E7-B802-A339CFC7B0D6.jpegAnother powerful magnitude 6.5 quake, reduced to a 6.3 by USGS has struck the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea early on Saturday, the European earthquake monitoring service reported. The very shallow quake was only two km (1.2 miles) deep and 93 km (58 miles) southwest of Porgera in the Enga province, said the EMSC. Quakes are common in Papua New Guinea, which sits on the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire”, a hotspot for seismic activity due to friction between tectonic plates. Incredibly of the 34 major quakes to strike the planet this year 13 of them have happened on or around Papua New Guinea…….More