War is Imminent

EA58C135-DE20-49D0-96E6-92B40BC1125A.jpegOn a regular basis I have conversations with Israelis “in the know” and to a man they all believe war will break out this summer here in Israel. The concern is no longer just the 200,000 missiles Hezbollah has amassed in Lebanon and Syria or the Gaza, Hamas military is constantly preparing for this coming war with their missiles and tunnels. We now have Russia, Turkey and Iran meeting in Ankara deciding how to defeat Israel and divide up the spoil left behind in Syria. Iran is building their military bases in Syria next to the new Russian bases there knowing it puts the US and Israel in a difficult position figuring that any attack on these Iranian bases would also kill Russians. Putin has now agreed, and has begun to build, a nuclear plant in Turkey. It sure looks like the foundation for Ezek 38:5……More

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