WHAT LURKS BEYOND THE VEIL? Scientists To Study ENTITIES People Interact With While Practicing What The Bible Calls “Pharmakeia”

29B5BFE6-E252-4139-AD0B-1EC5BC36BBDA.jpegIts users have described crossing into another world and seeing “aliens” and other entities. Now scientists at a prestigious U.S. university are launching a study of some of the stranger hallucinogenic effects of the drug Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, termed the “spirit molecule” by another researcher. Investigators from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., are asking volunteers to complete an survey if they have “had encounters with seemingly autonomous beings or entities after taking DMT.” The Hopkins team is headed by Roland Griffiths, a behavioural biologist with a history of studying psychedelic substances that produce “mystical-type and near-death experiences.” …..More

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