Meet ‘Norman,’ the Darkest, Most Disturbed AI the World Has Ever Seen

446D52E4-AE14-43CD-B646-2E7AD8FD84D0.jpegA neural network named “Norman” is disturbingly different from other types of artificial intelligence (AI). Housed at MIT Media Lab, a research laboratory that investigates AI and machine learning, Norman’s computer brain was allegedly warped by exposure to “the darkest corners of Reddit” during its early training, leaving the AI with “chronic hallucinatory disorder,” according to a description published April 1 (yes, April Fools’ Day) on the project’s website. MIT Media Lab representatives described the presence of “something fundamentally evil in Norman’s architecture that makes his re-training impossible,” adding that not even exposure to holograms of cute kittens was enough to reverse whatever damage its computer brain suffered in the bowels of Reddit……More

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