“I, ROBOT” Transhuman – Religion: Nevada’s Burning man festival sells out in half hour

3BF7E626-1A1D-4C6F-B4BC-17E0A7E93180Burning Man tickets disappeared Wednesday faster than untethered tents in a dust storm. Within a half hour of the noon PT opening bell, 26,000 main sale tickets, which cost $425, were snapped up to participate in the temporary arts and music community although the $80 vehicle passes held out for a little longer. Burning Man, which began on a San Francisco beach for the 1986 summer solstice, moved to Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert in 1990 and now attracts 68,000 people. It happens Aug. 26 to Sept. 3 this year. This year’s theme is why Tom Horn’s MILIEU will be there: “I, Robot” ……More