Global Threats

As Global Elite Manipulate Events To Bring Chaos And Wars That Could Bring Catastrophe, What Can We Do?

F3B6F54D-A93B-459C-921C-AD7E3F037539.gifEditors note: “No one will be able to hide from the wrath God.” As the “Insiders” run for cover, fleeing America and Europe to their luxury hideouts in New Zealand and other isolated sea ports the rest of us can only watch and wonder; With all their wealth and supposed intelligence of knowing what is planned, do they really know, or are they just reacting to what is planned by the Globalist elite and what the underlings have been told? We suspect it’s the latter. At any rate in order to produce chaos, out of which they intend to bring in their New World “Order,” we see events being manipulated to bring the chaos about; collapse of the stock market and proposed war with Iran……More