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In Debt To Tithing?

0BABCA51-96D7-4E90-A62C-A5D13E1680E4.pngGod’s blessings in the New Covenant (after the cross) are not dependent on our knack to impress Him with our law keeping, in this case, our ability to give money. If we really had to tithe to receive God’s blessings, it wouldn’t be called “grace” anymore, would it? The beauty of grace is in the fact that Jesus took everything we deserved (punishment for sin) and that He freely gave us everything which we didn’t deserve, namely love, forgiveness, blessings, salvation, healing, finances, etc. So to now teach people that they need to tithe first in order for God to bless them, is essentially throwing God’s free gift back into His face and opting to buy it from Him instead… Go to “