2,400 animals dead, 100s of residents evacuated after Colombia oil spill (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

B5BBAF37-CE3F-47DE-9338-C4EE718E7166.jpegAn estimated 2,400 animals have been killed while hundreds of residents were evacuated following a major oil spill in rural Colombia. The government is preparing sanctions against the oil well operator Ecopetrol for negligence. Ecopetrol’s Lisama 158 well began leaking on March 3 but has yet to be fully contained. The situation is so bad that a specialist 60-ton “Snubbing Unit” was sent from Houston in the US to help engineers to permanently seal the well. The Snubbing Unit team was specifically hired to determine the exact cause of the leak, according to Edgar Mora, head of the department for development and production at Ecopetrol……More

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