US Senator’s Ominous Warning About Russia And China Should Stop The War Drums Beating: ‘Right Now, We’re Helpless


Obama’s Decimation Of US Military Paved The Way For America’s Destruction

According to MSNBC as heard in the 1st video below, on April 9th, President Trump and America will take a huge step towards nuclear war with John Bolton officially taking over his role as President Trump’s new national security advisor on that day. With RT warning in the same video that President Trump’s choice could have dire consequences for relationships with a number of different nations across the world, the video also mentions that ‘the elite’ are still preparing to bug out to ‘doomsday camps’ as more ‘wars and rumors of wars’ surround us. And as their video wisely suggests, we should all get prepared for this event we pray never comes yet the signs of something huge ahead continue to besiege us…….More

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