Cloning Humans Has Scandalous Implications

C227619C-63E7-4626-8879-5D1E3D9F4D25.jpegSky watch T.V – Somewhere, someplace, some scientist is cloning something. They’ve cloned cattle, cats, deer, horses, mules, oxen, rabbits and rats. Recently, they’ve cloned monkeys in China. Can cloning Uncle Fred be far behind? […] American scientists created stem cell lines from embryos they later destroyed at blastocyst stage, about five days old. Ordinarily, that’s when an embryo finds its gestational home in the uterus. They kill cloned embryos to “harvest” stem cells, but how long before a cloned human embryo is brought to term? The multiple scandals here all reside in a Petri dish. Society now allows, even approves, all manner of experimentation. Genetic material and ova are commodities, ready to be used, purchased, and sold to the highest bidder. And it’s not just animals….. More