As Scientists Work To Reverse Death And ‘Program The Human Brain’, A ‘Future Of Unimaginable Horrors’ Awaits Us – ‘The Gates Of Hell Have Opened And There’s No Closing Them Now’

IMG_0419In this new story over at the Manchester Evening News in England they report armed police were recently called to a popular walking spot called ‘The Bonk’ after a walker was ‘attacked’ by a stampeding herd of cows, seriously injuring her, with one witness claiming she would have been killed if it wasn’t for other walkers managing to fend the herd off. One of two bizarre incidents in Europe involving cows in recent days, the “moo-dunnit?” mystery in Switzerland didn’t turn out quite so well for the cows, as 13 cows fell or jumped off a cliff, with only one surviving the 165′ drop after they, too, mysterious stampeded…….Read More