Expert Warns: ‘This Could Be The Final Straw That Ends America’

rip_Seth_Rich.gifWith the mainstream media and Washington DC establishment still in total meltdown mode over President Donald Trump and Russia and the resultant naming of a special prosecutor as Susan Duclos reports today in her new story on ANP, we take a look at the ridiculous ‘witch hunt‘ against Trump now underway. The fact that ‘Trump loyalists’ are paying little to no attention to the ‘revelations rocking DC’ at a time when the Democratic National Committee has been fingered for murder in a story that was quickly buried by the completely complicit and still-lying and corrupt-to-the-rotten-core mainstream media proves to us the ‘battle lines’ have been drawn and danger lies ahead.  As ANP reported soon after President Trump thrashed Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 election, we truly expected a 4 to 8-year long series of temper tantrums to be thrown by ‘the losers’ and as we see in this story, that expectation was right on the money. And with a very real attempt at a presidential ‘coup’ now playing out before our eyes as Mike Adams reports in this story over at Natural News, some believe America may now be in more danger than ever of a violent and bloody civil war erupting within this country as detailed within this story and the 1st video below……Read More

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