ANOTHER large-scale, stealthy cyberattack is underway on a scale that could dwarf last week’s assault on computers worldwide, a cyber security firm has claimed. The new attack is called Adylkuzz and targets the same “vulnerabilities” in computer systems as the WannaCry ransomware worm. Hackers lock victims out of their computers and demand a ransom to unlock it But rather than lock files, it takes controls of computers and puts them to work “mining” a virtual currency which criminals can then exchange for real cash. Researchers at the tech firm Proofpoint said the new virus was linked to WannaCry and may have infected hundreds of thousands of computers. Nicolas Godier, a researcher at the computer security firm, told AFP: “It uses the hacking tools recently disclosed by the NSA and which have since been fixed by Microsoft in a more stealthy manner and for a different purpose.”…..Read More