Strangelet Day with Anthony Patch

Published on May 8, 2017

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  • STRANGELETS – Quark Gluon Condensate/Plasma, around immediately after the Big Bang.
  • Previously, 2015, Brookhaven Labs reports QGC production at 10TeV, however we now find it could be at levels as low as 4TeV, meaning “strangelets have been produced at CERN for years!… CLICK HERE!
  • CERN always denied QGC production of any kind until only recently, as we reported… CLICK HERE!
  • Further research shows that research into strangelets dates back to the 1970’s!
  • Strangelets will be used to rip the fabric of space & time to open the “portals” that even the scientists at CERN openly talk about
  • Strangelets will also be talked about as replacing what scientists refer to as “dark matter”.
  • Elon Musk Gigafactories – just what is the purpose for these mega-factories?
  • Nazi bell & ley lines
  • Planetary scale terraforming, earthquakes & time changes
  • Sun rising on the wrong day… CLICK HERE!
  • Planet X/Planet Nine… CLICK HERE!
  • Mind control via quantum spin
  • D-Wave quantum computers & their role in all of this.
  • The Mandela Effect or Experiment?? Fiona Broome, owner of website was warned off reporting on the effects as it was affecting the outcome of an experiment!…. CLICK HERE

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