North Korea promises ‘biggest disaster in history’ after ‘successful’ missile launch

THE United States and the whole Pacific is now in range of North Korean missiles

After their latest missile launch, according to a chilling warning from Kim Jong-un.The rotund ruler oversaw the north’s 10th missile launch of the year, as mid-range ballistic the Hwasong-11 was fired from a site near Pyongyang and flew 700km into the Sea of Japan, it has been claimed. It was thought that the despot nation fired the missile as a warning to South Korea’s new president Moon Jae-in, who has promised to get tough on his neighbour. But Korean state TV has claimed that Kim Jong-un personally delivered a warning to the US after its launch, stating he would unleash the “greatest disaster ever”……..Read More

North Korea claims missile blast ‘tests capability of carrying large NUCLEAR warhead’