Author Claims the Gravitational Pull of the Planet will Cause Superquakes and MEGA TSUNAMIS to kill thousands on Earth on THIS date

A SOLAR system on a collision course with Earth is going to destroy much of our planet by causing “superquakes” and tsunamis in August this year, according to bizarre claims. Truth seekers have long believed the deadly cluster of planets and stars is heading our way this year, but a paranormal investigator has delivered a further shock blow to humanity. It is now believed that one of the objects – Planet X – will cause widespread destruction through extreme weather whipped up through its terrifying gravitational pull. Research scientist David Meade fears 740mph tsunamis and Earth-shattering superquakes will wreak havoc and ultimately lead to the end of humanity. And even more terrifyingly, the expert – who wrote the book ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’ – has pinpointed the exact month from when the hellish weather events will happen, and where……..Read More