Thousands of years of history wiped out by ISIS: Shocking new pictures show how the terror group has obliterated Syria’s ancient treasures


  • Not content with awful bloodshed, the terrorists are making sure Syria’s new occupants are left with nothing
  • As coalition forces flushed them out of Middle Eastern villages, towns and cities, ISIS dest
  • By doing so, terror group has torn down pieces of architectural history that have stood for thousands of years
  • New pictures now reveal the extent of the damage, showing iconic buildings reduced to nothing but rubble.

Shocking new pictures have revealed how Islamic State has wiped out thousands of years of Syrian history by obliterating the country’s ancient treasures.  As desperate militants are driven out of the towns, villages and cities they used to run, the terrorists have made sure the new occupants are left with nothing. Not content with massacres and bloodshed, the terror group has taken to annihilating religious buildings, artifacts, tombs and graveyards in Syria and Iraq.  By doing so ISIS has torn down pieces of architectural history that has stood for thousands of years, with some calling for the destruction of significant cultural sites to be classed as a war crime…….Read /Photos More


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