Revealed: Top Secret Base where Alien Bodies and UFOs are kept—Its NOT Area 51

Area-s4Area 51 is a top-secret airbase for the CIA and military to test super-secret aircraft years ahead of what the general public is aware of. But there aren’t any UFOS there claims Ufologist. There is, however, an area just to the south and on the same Tonopah Test Range called S4. Based on insider information, this is where work on extraterrestrial recovered craft takes place.  Ever since the Roswell UFO incident—1947, people have gone crazy about the idea that the United State Government recovered alien bodies and a wrecked alien spaceship. According to several UFOlogists, what crashed in Roswell was NOT a ‘Conventional weather balloon’ as we’ve been told, but a real alien spaceship which was ‘confiscated’ by the government…….Read More

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