New Species: Baby Louie Dragon’ Fossil Is New Species Of Winged Dinosaurs Related To Birds

IMG_0282A new kind of winged dinosaur was so huge, scientists are calling it a baby dragon. The fossils they used to identify the species date back 90 million years, and the findings solve a long-running mystery about the origin of a famous dinosaur embryo. Those fossils included that embryo, nicknamed Baby Louie, as well as several 18-inch-long eggs from the same nest known as Macroelongatoolithus, the largest known variety of dino eggs. They were pretty close to hatching, according to the scientists’ study in the journal Nature Communications, based on skeletal remains found inside. The researchers linked the specimens to a group of dinosaurs called oviraptorosaurs, which are related to birds and are known for their feathers, beaks and standing on two legs…...Read More

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