‘Spirit Artificial Intelligence’ Creating ‘Entities’ and ‘Summoning the Demon’/Video

Spirit AI is taking Gods creation of the human soul and attempting to recreate it in their own online ‘entities’ by using the big data it collects from its social and game monitoring services. In an interview with Develop Online Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, SpiritAI’s chief creative officer stated, “at a top level, we’re trying to make AI more humanistic.” How exactly they plan on doing that is much more sinister. What makes humans different than the rest of life? It’s not emotion, memories or the way we communicate. It’s our souls. Spirit AI advertises its services by twisting scripture in a way that it attempts to diminish the power of God by saying, “Breathe humanity into your creations using the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Create expressive game characters, personal assistants and digital beings with psoulsersonality, insight, and understanding.” Not only does this statement insinuate that the person creating the character is a god, but it also disregards the power of God breathing life into man in Genesis 2:7…….Read More

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