Christopher Everard shares his extensive research to talk us through a timeline spanning over 500 years, covering the life and times of Joan of Arc, only this isn’t the version you will read in any of the history books. We talk about how one of the most powerful & rich men in Europe killed hundreds of children and how he became close to the previously mentioned Joan of Arc. Just who was Joan of Arc communicating with when she claimed to be getting messages from God? Could it be she was under the influence of demonic entities? From the times of Joan of Arc we draw parallels with some of the elite, super-rich classes of today & what emerges from this is a very disturbing story indeed. The times may have changed but the actions of these people remain the same. We even talk about the recent revelations by Paris Jackson, in which she claims her famous singer/song writer father, Michael Jackson, was murdered. There have always been rumours of dark occult activity being rife in Hollywood and the music industry, and we have had guests on the show to speak about this in the past, but could there really be a small circle of people going around killing some of the biggest & most famous names on the planet?

Impending child killings by Ninth Circle exposed: International Common Law Court to invoke Papal Nullification Order to halt Beltane murders

Breaking News Report on the disruption of the Ninth Circle cult’s sacrificial rituals on April 30, 2017

Pushing Back the Darkness: The Struggle against the Satanic Order continues

An Update on the aftermath of the Ninth Circle disruptions and arrests of April 30

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