Vegetarian Anyone : Australian Scientists invent 3D printed MEAT

3FE13DEC00000578-0-image-a-47_1493783973838The latest blend of cooking and technology may have gone too far. Scientists and industry body Meat and Livestock Australia has unveiled 3D printed meat – using a benchtop machine to create serves from liquefied offal and mince. Experts claim 3D-food printers will one day be as common as coffee machines and microwaves, with hungry diners simply loading a cartridge full of emulsified beef or lamb offcuts into the machine, which prints the meaty mouthful up in layers. ‘This is real; this is happening now; we are not saying this technology will replace all sausages and steaks but that on some occasions, 3D printed meat will be available and sometimes preferable,’ Michael Lee from Meat and Livestock Australia told The Australian. ‘This may also present a value opportunity (to the industry); currently one-third of each animal (slaughtered) ends up as low-value burger trimmings for retailers like McDonald’s. ‘Why not see if this new technology gives us the opportunity to create more value for our farmers?’…….Read More