IMG_0235.JPGStunning photos have emerged of an erupting volcano appearing to spew clouds of ash into the Milky Way above. Dutch photographer Albert Dros camped out under the stars to get the perfect shot of Fuego Volcano in Guatemala as lava was spurting out of its crater. The 31-year-old said he was ‘paralysed with awe’ as he watched ash clouds drift up into the night sky – almost appearing to merge into the stars.  Fuego stands 12,346 ft overlooking Guatemala’s former capital, Antigua, and erupts multiple times a day. ‘Erupting lava is best visible in evening and night, so I was obviously going for that,’ Dros said. ‘But when I finally saw Fuego erupt up close, combined with the power of its sound, I was paralysed with awe. It was amazing and was one of the most impressive things I had ever seen in nature. The real show started as it got darker, Fuego kept erupting and the glowing lava finally became visible. The sight of an erupting volcano is something I was only used to seeing in movies, it was surreal.’More Photos