Earth Changes

North Korea nuclear tests could cause eruption of volcano at Paektu Mountain, geologist warns

IMG_0214NUCLEAR tests in North Korea could cause the eruption of a massive volcano that could wipe out populations across Asia and Europe, a Brisbane geology expert has warned. Lloyd Hamilton, a retired associate professor of geology, has written to Foregin Minister Julie Bishop warning her of a super eruption at Paektu Mountain “that would drastically affect the whole world climate”. The volcano lies active in northern North Korea, on the Chinese border. And it is due to explode, after last erupting in 1903. “Professor Hiromitsu Taniguchi from Tohoku University claims that there is a 99 per cent chance of the Mount Paektu volcano in North Korea erupting some time in the next 15 years,” Mr Hamilton wrote in an email to Ms Bishop on Friday…….Read More