Gotham Games & CERN Confirms STRANGELETS with Anthony Patch

Anthony Patch is our special guest as we get into the 100 senators due to meet at the White House tomorrow, the 26th April, with President Trump & Rex Tilerson to discuss the North Korea situation. This strange meeting comes against a backdrop of nuclear drills running as Operation Gotham Shield reaches its climax. Just what is going on? Well, listen in as we give our take on what is actually going down! Then, in the second half of the show, we break huge confirmations of everything we have spoken about at CERN. For over two years now we have spoken of something called “strangelets” – theoretical particles akin to black holes & the most destructive substance in the universe – and now CERN themselves are confirming their existence! Tune in to find out more & what it all means!


In the second half of the show, we get into the latest news coming out of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and this is HUGE NEWS! Over the course of my time working with Anthony Patch, we have often spoken about something we referred to as “strangelets”. Strangelets are made up of a quark-gluon-condensate & regarded as being primordial particles. To simplify things as best i can, strangelets are akin to theoretical black holes & contain the most explosive power in the universe. These strangelets were around in the immediate aftermath of what science calls “the big bang”, but which we choose to call “The Singularity” – the start of the universe! It was these “theoretical” particles that led some scientists to issue dire warnings prior to CERN starting their search for the all illusive “God Particle”. Physicists were warning that these explosive particles would have the potential to destroy the planet………Read More

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