Apple’s AI expert says the rise of augmented ‘superhumans’ is inevitable and technology will ‘make personal memory enhancement a reality’

IMG_0186Siri co-founder and Apple product designer Tom Gruber envisions a future much like Black Mirror, where artificial intelligence augments human memories so we never forget anything again. ‘Superhuman abilities’ brought about by AI are ‘inevitable,’ Gruber said at TED2017 today, allowing us to remember every name and song ever heard, or everything we’ve ever read. The expert argues that AI will work with humans – not against, as many have feared – to allow us to overcome our limitations.  ‘Superintelligence should give us superhuman abilities,’ Gruber said during the talk, according to the TEDBlog. This especially could be the case when it comes to memory. Artificial intelligence could be used to collaborate with and augment humans, who would have the choice of what type of data they can collect, Business Insider reports…….Read More

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