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Is Google Seeking to Control Entire Internet and Execute a News Blackout?

Did your mother ever use the phrase, “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face”? If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, it simply means that one should not enact revenge on a third party if it is going to harm oneself and this seems to be exactly what all forms of major social media, plus Google, are presently doing.

As a caveat, please allow me to mention that articles on media don’t do well. However, this is one article you are going to read. If Google is permitted to continue on their path of extreme censorship, everything you will soon see, hear and read will be controlled. And when the New World Order is fully rolled out, you will have no clue that you have just entered Satan’s realm and you will lose total control.
Led by Google, one of the most evil corporate entitities on the face of the Earth, this monolithic corporation harming their own mainstream media (MSM) outlets so they can also drive the Inpdendent Media (i.e. alt media) out of business. Presently, most alt media (i.e. the Independent Media) are bleeding money. Most sights are not coming close to a financial break even point because of extreme media censorship of their ideas and written expressions. For example, at Youtube, owned by Google, is demonitizing any discussions of war, civil war, natural disasters (?), economic issues, mention of any controversial (ie sensitive events), etc. In other words, the alt media cannot write about the news. Fox and CNN’s social media outslets have largely been left untouched…….Read More