Operation Gotham Shield’ Prepares For Nuclear Attack Upon New York Next Week

IMG_0148.JPGThe story over at the Telegraph that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday reports Bill Gates is in the news again, once again warning terrorists could wipe out 30 million people via the weaponization of a disease such as smallpox. Reporting that something of that nature is becoming increasingly likely because its easier than ever to create and spread deadly pathogens, the Microsoft founder also claims such a lethal respiratory outbreak would be more dangerous than a nuclear attack. With Gates warnings coming at a time of tensions ratcheting up all across the world as people fear a looming World War 3, it hasn’t been lost upon us that North Korea has massive stockpiles of bioterror weapons dating back at least to this 2009 story and as this brand new story from Japan Times reports, biological super weapons could define the next era. As ‘The Week’ reported in their March 22nd story called “Why The Sudden Collapse Of North Korea Would Be Hell On Earth”, should North Korea’s government collapse:…Read More

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