The Unexplained: Evidence of a ‘Top-Secret’ space program? Air force’s mystery X-37B space plane now 700 days in space

The mysterious X-37B is a reusable unmanned spacecraft. It is considered as one of the most mysterious and advanced spacecraft ever operated by the United States Military. The enigmatic space vehicle has reached 700 days in space and no one knows its exact purpose. Experts argue that the X-37B could be used as a spy satellite or to deliver weapons from space, others believe it is part of a secretive space program operated by a shadow government.  One of the most mysterious—known—spacecraft to ever be flown into space is without a doubt the Air Force X-37B spacecraft which reached a staggering 700 days in space. No one knows what its true purpose is and what exactly its doing while it orbits Earth. However, numerous ufologists and conspiracy theorists argue that the X-37b is just one of the many secret spacecraft that belong to a ‘secret space fleet’ operated by the governemnt. It’s the tip of the iceberg some have said. If it is indeed SECRET, it’s not the best-kept secret since there is some information about it. The X-37b is also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle 4. It carries a mysterious payload that is its biggest secret…..Read More